Getting Your First Sale

This past Friday, I received a telephone call from one of my affiliates that absolutely made my day. My team mate lost his job with one of the major airlines last year. In an effort to turn his situation around, he had turned to online marketing. Over the past yr, he had become very knowledgeable about marketing on the internet, but he had not been able to make any income. Every few weeks he’d call me, discouraged that he wasn’t viewing much activity. During each of these periods of disappointment, he would quit what he was doing and try some other marketing method. I would continue to encourage my team mate to return to content marketing and just stay consistent.Over the last couple weeks my team mate has learned the significance of sustained, consistent action. Once he returned to content marketing, he began to make leads. The leads started to increase in frequency over time. Then it happened this past Friday, one of those prospects pulled out their bank card and became a consumer. With that transaction, the dry spell for my team mate reached an end. The process had worked, now he had something to build on and a completely new level of confidence to work with. The reason I am such a fan of content marketing would be the residual impact of that content. Regardless of whether you happen to be blogging, writing articles or making videos, the fact remains that content has lasting importance. The article or video which is produced and posted today will still work for me a month from now, a year from now and in many cases 5 years from now.The key to leveraging content marketing is consistency. For a marketer getting started, the initial goal must be to create 100 pieces of content spanning a 100 day period. By taking this form of massive action on the front end, the new marketer will see a lot of momentum at the end of the initial 100 days. Beyond the initial push, the marketer should be striving to produce 3-5 bits of new content each week. This will keep your readers returning to see what else is on your mind these days.As you learn to make content that is search engine optimization friendly, your traffic will continue to increase. Over time more and more of this traffic will likely be coming directly from the various search engines. This additional leverage can quickly take any business to high amounts of profitability.If you are just getting started, don’t lose heart in case things don’t come easily. Stay committed and carry consistent daily action. In due time, you will see the traffic and leads increasing. Before you know it, you too will be announcing: "I got my first sale! ".